# 1 Simplest Way to Backup Your Email


If you are like me, you do not delete emails anymore. There are just too many records coming your way and too much valuable data in there to be mined late

Experts advocate never deleting emails because memory is so cheap.

If this is your plan too, you will really benefit from this simple way of backing up.

The # 1 easiest way to do that is to set up a Gmail account, then migrate your Outlook emails, calendars, etc. to the cloud.

It is super-easy to do and it's free!

1. If you do not have a Gmail account, open one

2. Then, go to Google Apps Migration for Outlook and download the file

3. The last step is to choose which migration protocol you prefer – ALL email, or just new ones

Then, leave the driving to Google.

You will have a backup file of all your emails and calendar items from Outlook!

The easiest thing to do is just let Google backup your existing email records. With just a few clicks you have protected your emails as well as made them available – cloud-based – so that you have them anytime and anywhere you need them.

If something happens to your computer – lost, stolen, ruined due to coffee spill on the keyboard … you are fine. All you have to do is reference your emails stored safely in the cloud.

Another way to do the same thing – along with all your other files – would be to sign up for an online backup storage service.

These services, like Mozy, Carbonite, and SugarSync have been around for a long time now and allow you to backup all your files, emails, and pictures.

With online backup storage you can automate your backups so they occur without any effort on your part.

They cost about $ 5 / month and run in the background backing up all your data while you work on other things.

Either way you go, take action and begin backing up today. It gives you tremendous peace of mind.


Source by Roger G Brown