4 Reasons Why Revo Sunglasses Are So Special


Revo sunglasses have not been around that long but they sure have made quite an impact since their arrival in 1985. It is to our benefit that the good folks at Revo decided that the technology used in NASA satellites and space shuttles could also be used for sunglasses. The result of this technological spillover is some of the best looking and technologically advanced eyewear on the planet.

If you have seen Revo sunglasses, then you can attest to the fact that these glasses are fantastic looking. I love that their designs are not too aggressive but neither are they too conservative. The designers of Revo sunglasses have found a middle ground which blends sophistication with downright coolness.

Apart from their designs, Revo sunglasses are famous for being very comfortable. This can be attributed to the design of their frames. Revo sunglasses come with a patented Motion-fit system that is both comfortable and steady. These frames fit the glasses precisely to the faces of users to three points of contacts while avoiding unwanted pressure points.

Revo sunglasses Motion-fit frame provide a wider range of fit because it features both straight and curved stems.

The people at Revo also discovered that comfort does not only depend on fit. It also depends on how the lenses are placed so that users have the best possible view at all times. For that sole purpose, Revo sunglasses with Motion-fit frames are designed to position lenses in such a strategic position that it virtually guarantees the widest and clearest field of vision possible.

Revo sunglasses are renowned for having some of the best polarized lenses in the world. Their High Contrast Polarization lenses offer crystal clear vision in harsh surface conditions like snow and open water, and block 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC light.

Revo’s Serilium lenses are made from the purest of polycarbonate material and filled with patented technologies that make for a super clear, very lightweight and incredibly strong lens.

These lenses are infusion molded into a single layer lens, unlike most lenses out there which have many layers which compromise clarity and optical accuracy. Infusion molding has another benefit. Since polarization is infusion molded into the lens, it can never be worn or scratched off like conventional polarized layers.

Environmentally Friendly Materials
The frames of Revo sunglasses use a material known as Eco-Use. Eco-Use is a nylon frame material made from the seed of the castor bean plant as opposed to using nylons derived from petroleum-based nylons. The result is a material that is light and flexible and also environmentally friendly.

Revo also uses a material known as the Revo Re-Use for its frames. As you might have guessed, this material uses recycled material, 100% top-grade recycled pre-consumer TR-90 polymer resins, to be exact. This material is on par, quality wise, with un-recycled material.


Source by Amelia Warmheart