Anonymous FTP Usage


Anonymous FTP:

“FTP” File Transfer Protocol is the most mainly used service for the transfer of files between computers that support TCP/IP connections. Using the FTP service you can transfer files between different platforms, computers with different OS’s(Operating Systems). FTP has a very simple and descriptive method of accessing systems, and then browsing through the directory structure, and transferring the files you need transferred.

Any visitors who are willing to download files from your web page or upload files to your web page can be allowed anonymous FTP access to your website by you and it would appear to them as if you are running your own FTP server. Anonymous access can be enabled or disabled within your web control panel. There are some Anonymous FTP warnings one should be aware of:


All the users would be granted the ability to access the “upload” and any other folder on your domain that has full read write permissions for the public. Anonymous users will have the power to upload files to your domain and to download files from your domain. Thus it is important for you to set proper permissions on the directories in your domain to protect them from unauthorized access. This is required to prevent the anonymous users from accessing any files or directories which store critical information about your domain. Access to particular files and directories can be inhibited on UNIX servers with the help of file manager where you can disable read or write access to files and directories which you don’t want other people to see.


If you are a website owner, you are responsible for any files that are uploaded by you, or any anonymous users. Using anonymous FTP access on your site, can easily make it a “warez” site. This is a site where people can share bootleg copies of software programs, movies, games, etc. If this happens, the companies that hold the copyright ownership for such programs or media files have the right to take legal action against you. It is your responsibility to protect your own website from this happening.

Data Transfer:

All the FTP transfers would be considered while calculating the total data transfer of your site. You will be responsible for the excess charges if your transfer limit exceeds the plan you have.

After enabling Anonymous FTP files can be accessed anonymously by using the following URL:


And visitors willing to visit your site using the FTP client can use the following:

FTP hostname:

user id: anonymous

password: guest.


Source by Colin Litchfield