Author: loyd Sage

Sex Drive, Sex Addiction And Anger

[ad_1] In psychiatry, we do a mental state examination that is quite like a physical examination. In it, one of the questions we ask of every patient is- How is your sexual appetite? In many parts of the world this […]

Tracking Cell Phone Location For Free

[ad_1] If you are harbouring thoughts on tracking cell phone location then you may be able to get the data that you want for free; without incurring unnecessary costs on your part. There are several reverse cellphone lookup services online […]

New Cisco Router Licensing Scheme

[ad_1] Earlier this year, Cisco announced replacement switches to the 1841/2800/3800 routers.  The older routers have not entirely reached end of sale, but the newer routers (1941/2900/3900) offer big changes in router licensing. Why is it different?  Similar to a […]

Types of OLAP Servers

[ad_1] “What kinds of OLAP servers exist?” OLAP servers present business users with multidimensional data from data warehouse or data marts, without concerns regarding how or where the data are stored. However, the physical architecture implementation OLAP servers must consider […]

Hair Loss in Squirrels

[ad_1] Squirrels lose hair for a variety of reasons. Many people assume that when they see a squirrel missing patches of hair, that it has contracted Mange. Mange in squirrels is caused by a tiny mite called Notoedres douglasi. They’re […]