Author: loyd Sage

The Holistic Approach to Addiction

[ad_1] The Holistic approach to disease is to identify the root causes of the disease and then provide information and use natural methods to eliminate these causes and heal. The holistic approach focuses on healing. It treats disease as “dis-ease […]

MSVCP100 Dll Error Fix

[ad_1] MSVCP100.dll is a system file used in Windows 7 operating system. It is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) type of file which is used to extract the application resources at the runtime of third party programs. An error may […]

What Causes Muscle Growth?

[ad_1] In order for muscles to grow, three things are required: 1. Stimulus – exercise is needed to make the muscles work, use energy and cause microscopic damage to the fibers. 2. Nutrition – after intense exercise the muscles need […]

Food Delivery is a Needed Service

[ad_1] Food delivery is a necessary step to take in a futuristic society. The population has been increasingly becoming higher at rates that seem to be off the charts. For example, just in 1950, the population was not even at […]