Author: loyd Sage

Can ScanPst Exe Recover Network PST Files?

Scanpst.exe is a utility used to correct MS Outlook PST files. Scanpst can partially fix internal PST file database issues but in most cases you will have to try a third party Scanpst.exe tool. It is possible to split PST […]

The History Of Data Deduplication

Data deduplication has been around, at least in its most primitive form, since the 1970’s. It initially started because companies wanted to store large amount of customer contact information without using a large amount of storage space. One of the […]

Data Mining and Its Impact on Business

  Today, businesses are collecting more information that is available in a variety of formats. This includes: operational data, sales reports, customer data, inventory lists, forecast data, etc. In order to effectively manage and grow the business, all of the […]

Resolving ‘Data File Check in Progress’ Error

  Unexpected power outage is the most common reason that can cause corruption to an Outlook data file (.pst file). When this occurs, at next start, you might find Outlook scanning your data file for consistency errors. If it is […]

How To Repair The Acer D2D Recovery

  This tutorial can also help to do it on other computer brands Disclaimer : First of all you must be aware that some of the operations to come can cause irreversible change on your hard disk, I recommend to […]