Best User Friendly Qualities of CRM Applications


Usability is priority number one when it comes to business software, especially sales automation software. In order to be effective, CRM software must help to do a salesperson’s job, not be in his or her way by taking up valuable time; otherwise, the application’s efficiency is lost because they won’t use it. A CRM application that allows employees to work within it to increase their productivity can mean the difference between a mediocre effort and a solid, detailed account of everything coming in and out of your business.

User Friendly Capabilities

Look for the following user friendly interface capabilities when choosing CRM software:

Complete personalization: The most user-friendly CRM applications offer complete personalization of the interface environment, including adding, deleting, and moving items around according to the company’s workflow needs. How does the end user benefit? Customizing based on the company’s sales process helps to reduce data entry time and allows new sales people to get up to speed quickly with less of a learning curve.

Multiple relations and comprehensive views: While some cloud CRM programs only allow you to create relationships between one or two database tables at a time, others let you create many relationships within tables, making information more accessible, relatable, and easier to find. When notes are entered in one place, they show up elsewhere in the interface as needed, avoiding the time wasting process of duplicate data entry. You should also be able to see all relevant information in one view, without wasting valuable time scrolling or clicking through pages.

Dynamic, automated workflow design: An effective customer relationship management tool must have smooth and easy accessibility. A truly intuitive system will allow the user to create and automate rules and processes using simple drag-and-drop or point-and-click functions, schedule events and reminders, and offer a visual environment that allows the personalization of the workflow based on individual needs. Having fewer, easier steps to follow translates into more sales and more profitability.

Easy form and template creation: Why should your sales team struggle with code and complex formulas when they can just point, click, and go? Creating forms or templates can be a daunting task, especially without programming experience. A good CRM application should do the ground work for you, making it simple for you to create an email template quickly, with minimal effort, with easy to learn tools and the least number of steps. Forms can be designed to reduce typing errors with proper validation, auto filling the values. This lessens frustration, reduces time spent filling in information, avoids mistakes, and improves productivity.

Personalization, less navigation, automation, and easy template creation are just some of the user interface options to consider.


Source by Jennifer Young