Betting Exchange Trading Software – Bet Trader Reviewed


Having had time in the course of the last weeks to assess the Bet Trader software I can honestly highly recommend it. The interface is understandable, and very straightforward to understand, for the newbie, as well as having all the information a pro-trader requires on a solitary screen.

Having checked out the support side, Adam responds to questions promptly, and was at all times obliging, a very good sign that a product is well supported.

This is NOT a betting bot, but a method to trade manually, simply & quickly on Betfair, and in truth if I am just doing quick manual trades on the horses myself, I currently use the Bet Trader software.

Supplied with Bet Trader are around 20 exceptional videos on how to benefit from it, so you have no excuses on what every function does. Not only that, an outstanding bonus is they supply you with videos on how to trade, and don’t charge you a penny for them. These are a MUST watch, and after a week or two of practise, and probably losing a few quid, you’ll acquire the hang of it. Do not expect to profit from trading straight away, and use no more than ý2 stakes now until you have proven you can profit.

Some easy rules when learning to trade are:

1. Don’t give up, the penny will drop, even if it takes weeks.

2. If you make a cock-up, walk away, stop trading, and learn from it.

3. Never permit a trade go in-running, in reality you should only be in the market no more than 30 seconds. If you do, you can easily lose the bank.

4. If a trade starts going against you, or is not doing what you predicted, get out promptly.

One video you MUST view is “Betfair Trading Using Advanced Coin Flipping and Guesswork Techniques”. This shows you a trading secret nearly all pro-traders would not like you to know! Basically that your trade entry point can be random, and you still profit. In the early days of Betfair trading WOM (Weight of Money) used to be the trend to chase, this is no longer the case, you now have to view the market and acquire a feel for it.

The most crucial bit about Bet Trader is that it is FREE, so no reason not to download it and give it a go today.

So their ought to be a catch right? Not really, you can trade via Betfairs API at no cost using the Grid in the software (that is the screen similar to Betfairs own). This is fine for learning.

Oh, while I remember, YOU MUST USE A SEPARATE ACCOUNT FOR TRADING, otherwise you’ll never know if your trading is profitable or not, and if it is, other betting could wipe out the profits.

If you want to use the part of the software that the pro-traders use, the Ladders, and you ought to if you really desire to make decent long-term profits, then you do have to pay, but the outlay is tiny in relation to what you can earn, and this is to cover the companies expenses for Betfair allowing use of the API (Betfairs entrance!) Betfair charge them a decent wad for that.

Why use the Ladders, you’ll find out in the videos, but basically they give you an immediate eye view of the first 3 in the betting which take the most cash, and therefore effect the total market. Betting markets continuously try and accomplish 100%, so if the Fav is moving down the ladder, more than likely one of the others will start going up….Time to trade. The Ladders makes reading the market uncomplicated, something which can be complicated to do on the standard Betfair layout.

I highly recommend this software for somebody wanting to generate cash from trading. If you are new to it, stick to y2 stakes until you confirm for at least a week you can produce money from it. Once you have mastered it, you then have a very limited risk revenue, tax free, that can generate you a few hundred a day.

Watch ALL the video’s on the site, they will teach you all you need to know.


Source by Keith Driscoll