Do-Follow Or No-Follow – What Are They?


What are Do-Follow or No-Follow? As soon as you start learning the routes of website or blog marketing, you will defiantly hear the term Do-Follow or No-Follow.


Due to the increasing spam comments left by lazy internet marketer, many blogs and websites owners made their sites no-follow. What this means is that when a commenter puts their website URL in a comment, the search engines will not spider or crawl that URL from the no-follow site. Many of the people that spam comment sections often have low page rank (PR) sites. A website that has a lot of low PR sites linking to it will get penalized by the search engines because the site is giving no real value to the readers.

No-follow benefits site owners because they do not have the worry of losing their personal PR rank. Although this does deter spammers from commenting on your site, it also discourages other honest people from commenting and helping your PR rank.

Placing random comments on a no-follow site does not gain you anything. At most you will get some traffic from people who see your comment, but they will not be the targeted traffic. The search engines will not recognize your link from the no-follow site as well.


Do-follow sites in the other hand benefit everyone when the commenters make relevant comments to posts. It helps visiting website owners, because they can leave comments on a do-follow site and when the search engines crawl that site they crawl the visitors URL as well. For do-follow site owners, the benefits include having more subscribers often with higher PR sites than your own and also creates more links to your site.

These sites may require a little more work for the site owner to keep spam comments off. Not a lot of bloggers get comments but almost everyone get spam. Most website and blog platforms have plug-ins available to assist in filtering out the majority of spam. When done correctly a do-follow site owner can see their site move up in the rankings quickly, especially if they have good content that inspires other high PR site to comment and link to your site.

There is no hard and fast rule about which is better. However, for sites that are starting out or have a PR2 or less, making the site a do-follow site has many advantages. There are a few do-follow lists that will help you bring in more quality commenters.


Source by Dr Huria Abdulkadir