Get Rid of Tinnitus – 5 Tips You Can Use Today


The headline said, "Tinnitus researcher awarded $ 1.7 million for 2 year investigation and research." I have suffered with ringing of ears and would do anything to get rid of tinnitus. So headlines like this catch my attention and give all of us who have ringing in the ears hope.

The article went on to say that the research and testing would go on for at least 2 years and then have to be approved if it was found to be effective. Two years? When my tinnitus was at its worst I needed help right away. I had not had a good night's sleep in months and waiting years was much too long. I needed something I could use that day.

My tinnitus is not gone but it's very much in the background now and lessening every day. This condition can be deal with and there are things you can do today to start you on the road to recovery or at least improvement.

1. We all know that it's important to drink a lot of water. The Institute of Medicine advises that men drink 13 cups of beverages daily and women 9. Of course this changes depending on how much exercise you might do, the temperature outside and your size. Drinking the right amount of water keeps the body free from waste and can have the effect of lowering the noise level in your ears.

2. Have you noticed that when you read about tinnitus that the article will usually mention that "there is no cure for tinnitus"? This negative talk leads to a negative mindset. I found that through deep breathing and meditation, I felt much more positive and convinced that tinnitus would have no longer rule my life. I strongly recommend daily meditation for relieving the stress caused by constant ringing in the ears.

3. Another part of my "get rid of tinnitus" plan involved exercise. Getting rid of tinnitus means doing everything possible to increase your circulation. Walking, working out in the gym, yoga, deep breathing and anything that increases your heart beat will help your condition.

4. Setting life goals is important because it means you are positive about regaining your old life. You must enter life and not give in to the depression that is a symptom of tinnitus. I'm a musician and even though I could not play loud music in a band any longer, I decided that I would continue playing as a single act. I also still write music.

5. I'm not a big believer on sound masking devices but they can be helpful in getting a decent night's sleep. I found that the first part of my healing came from feeling rested. Itave me more energy and a hopeful outlook.


Source by Robin Newsome