Hiring for Online Businesses


Hiring online brings with it some unique challenges, not least of which is the fact that you can not see or even talk to some of your potential candidates … but the benefits of hiring online are so many, I'm usually hard pressed to think Of a reason NOT to hire online (except it's for a hairdresser or something!) So how can a body successfully hire online assistance, and do so quickly, covering your bases in just a couple hours? Start here. It's Best to Look Online for Online help. Since you're hiring an online contractor, it makes sense to search for them online, right? I mean, just as it makes little sense to look for a vegetarian cook at the butcher shop, or a penguin in the Sahara, there's little reason to look anywhere but online for your virtual team. That said, where should you look? Read on … Step 1: Start with a look at your very own inbox. This is the single most effective way of finding the best help for small online business owners. And … it's very simple. Who is showing up in your inbox that has impressed you or given you a smile? Perhaps it's the way they write an email or a phrase that they used that stuck out for some reason. It does not matter if they are a customer, in fact that could be a big plus. Got a little list of folks? Good. Step 2: Now email them with your question. Sample: "Hey Shellie, hope you're doing well! Just wanted to let you know I'm looking for some help for my online company. The person needs to have a computer at home, be familiar with email and be available 5- 10 hours a week, does not matter what time of the day. Are you interested, or maybe you know someone who is? I'd want to start small but it could grow into something pretty cool as we go along. Think? Oh, and yes, start date is ASAP. Email me back if you're interested ok? Thanks! "

Step 3: Observe how they respond. It's not who responds, so much as how those people respond, that counts most when hiring online. Because many of the traditional cues are absent in an online interaction (body language, voice tone, etc.) actions really do speak louder than words. I give the most 'points' to the person who responds quickest, who answers my questions without having to repeat myself and requests "when do I start?" With enthusiasm. As far as I'm concerned, this person symbols three of the critical characteristics of an online helper and I want them on my team: 1. They eliminate delay at every opportunity (fast response)
2. They over respond to the request (answers my questions)
3. They find the opportunity compelling (can not wait to start) In the online world, these three things are key to productivity. All the rest … can be taught, but not these. You've either got it, or you do not. Note: In Human Resource terms, the above process is called pre-screening. The people you find to hire out of your very own inbox have been prescreened on a multitude of levels just by the fact that they are there in your inbox. And yes, it's even better if they happen to be a happy customer! Bringing a raving fan onto your team can give you a unique insight into how your company can continue to pursue the leading edge. Remember that because working online is still relatively new, often people do not know their own strengths. Part of your job as an online business owner is to observe what makes the person you've hired noticeable – starting with your screening process. Then put those strengths to work for your company. Lastly, do not buy into the perception that hiring online is complex. It's absolutely not. It's refreshingly simple and fast. Put the above steps into action and do not spend more than 2 or 3 hours doing it. Set a start date with your chosen candidate and get back to business.


Source by Andrea J. Lee