How Good Fire Extinguishes Are Powder Extinguishes


Fire extinguishers are quite a common sight in today's buildings, be it commercial or residential. They come in different sizes suitable for different kinds of fires, A, B, C or D. Most one extinguisher would help extinguish one type of fire, not all. However, with powder fire extinguishers, things are slightly different. They can put out any type of fires.

Powder extinguishers are best safety against fire at places where combustible liquids and solids are kept. They are made with different chemicals to suit the different type of fires. Ammonium phosphate which is in powdered form is considered most effective as it extinguishes type A, B and C fires. This powder extinguisher melts when sprayed to the fire which would be above 350 degrees. As the ammonium phosphate powder comes in contact with the heat it liquefies and that extinguishes the fire.

There are powdered extinguishers that contain other chemicals as well. For example, powder extinguisher made of sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate is used for type B and C. Potassium bicarbonate is the fire extinguisher used in planes as it can stop the fire fast. Another chemical used as powder extinguisher is ammonium bicarbonate which when heated breaks into smaller parts and covers the area to put out the fire.

These extinguishers which are in powdered form have many advantages including faster action and high efficiency due to continuous spraying. Whether it is a hotel, office, house or oil pump house or any area that is combustible powder extinguisher work effectively. Even in motor fires, these are the best option to put out the fire.

There is a downside to these powdered fire extinguishers which is that they could be very messy. However, considering the fact that it saves your life powder fire extinguishers leave little mess that can be just cleaned off.


Source by Michael K John