IPhone Data Recovery Software Review


There are a number of reasons why you can lose your iPhone data. For example, you can accidently delete the data or you can lose your phone. When you lose the data, you only need to install iPhone data recovery software in your computer.

The software aids in restoring files such as photos, notes, contacts, call history, and messages.

Due to technological advances, many data recovery software have come up. If you are wondering which are some of the best programs, here are some of them:


This software is designed only for iPhone and Windows users. The program supports iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, or other previous versions. It concentrates on two urgent needs of iPhone users: photo and contact recovery.

In addition to helping you to recover the above files, it also aids in helping you to preview and export contacts to a vCard file.

ISkysoft software

This program helps you in recovering up to 12 file types on iPhone. The files that you will recover include: messages, notes, videos, contacts, photos and many others. The software also allows you to preview data before recovery. While this program is effective in its working, it tends to take much longer to scan files. It also tends to crash often.


Just like iSkysoft, this program will help you in recovering up to 12 file types. In addition to helping you to recover deleted or lost data, the software will also help you in extracting previous data without the need to connect your device to the computer.

IFonebox can retrieve different types of data from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch within a matter of minutes.

One of the greatest assets of the program is that it has a user-friendly interface and a step-step guide that shows you how to recover your lost files. In addition to this the software also has a fast recovery speed that makes it stand out in the data recovery market. Unlike iSkysoft software, iFonebox doesnt crash.


This program can run on both windows and Mac OS where it aids in recovering up to 22 types of files. To make it easy for you, the recovered files are categorized into three main categories: media, data application, and personal data. Once the information is retrieved, it's copied to the computer without any problems.

In addition to helping you recover lost data, the program also helps you in exporting music, books, and movies to your computer.


Source by Duncan Lancer