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[ad_1] According to American Accounting Association, Committee on Accounting Concepts and Standards, “Revenue is the monetary expression of the aggregate of products or services, transferred by an enterprise to its customers during a period of time.” Capital and revenue receipts […]

How to Spend Holidays?

[ad_1] Hi Everybody! Have you noticed that there are so many holidays throughout the year? Such as the Valentines Day, Easter, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and so on. Our living standard has improved a lot, and now we are about […]

Hard Drive Selection

[ad_1] Perhaps the biggest mistake people make when building their computer (s) is to underestimate the importance of the hard disk drive (HDD). In our modern society, bigger is synonymous with better, so when you go to buy a hard […]

Detachment – How Can I?

[ad_1] When life becomes one crisis after another, when emotional pain and endless drama becomes "the norm" what am I supposed to do? Over the past few decades I've received this question a lot. Recently it has become the # […]

Sport-Specific Interval Conditioning

[ad_1] In many sports, a high level of aerobic fitness is necessary for optimum performance because it promotes endurance and assists recovery in "stop-and-go" type sports such as ice hockey. To improve aerobic fitness, coaches have traditionally prescribed long and […]

Carbuncles, Furuncles and Boils Oh My!

[ad_1] DO NOT SQEEZE A BOIL. Yes, it looks like a giant pimple and it is red and hot and has a head. Do not squeeze it. It is a communicable staph infection that you don’t want to drive into […]

Post Divorce Emotional Completion

[ad_1] What if you are months or years post-divorce and you did not earn your way out? You can still do your "emotional homework" and prepare yourself for a better marriage in the future. Part one of the homework you […]

Where Does Sexual Addiction Come From?

[ad_1] Although recent research suggests that there is a biochemical and genetic component in the genesis of sexual addiction, there are a number of family of origin variables that have been linked to its development. Sex addicts often come from […]