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How Do Hard Drives Die?

[ad_1] There are normal things that happen to hard drives and individual, sometimes unusual things that clients have managed to do over the three decades we've been recovering data for them. The usual suspects: Dust, fur, heat, electrical spikes, bumps, […]

There Is Life After Divorce

[ad_1] A married woman becomes a single woman for one of two reasons: death or divorce. The former is an honourable state, the latter is not. When a woman loses her husband to death the neighbours all rally round and […]

The Stress of Christmas

[ad_1] Has this ever happened to you? You have all your holiday shopping done. The packages are all wrapped. Your Christmas cards have all been sent. And, then, it happens. In the mail you receive a Christmas card from someone […]

Teach Cycle-And-Row Like a Pro!

[ad_1] If you're about to start teaching a class that includes both indoor cycling and indoor rowing, here are a few tips. Stay off the bike. To handle all the variables in a cycling / rowing class, you'll need to […]

Something Good is Happening

[ad_1] If you look back when you were evenger or even since (9-11) something good has happened. Granted, we are still on the defense regarding the "kooks" that want to destroy our society. It does not make any difference whether […]

Stress Management: Have To Vs. Get To

[ad_1] File this one under the category of "watch your language." The language we use when we are trying to change something simply amazes me. We say things like I can not – it's not fair – I'll never be […]

Benefits And Importance Of Beet Juice

[ad_1] Beet was looked up by the Romans as being good for cooling the blood. Beet root is also found to benefit against feverish conditions, especially in growing children. Later generations found that beet root was also beneficial for a […]

Meteorological Station

[ad_1] A Meteorological Station or weather station as it is also known, is a place where data is gathered to monitor weather conditions. This facility could be on land or at sea, measuring the atmospheric conditions to study climate and […]

What Is Amazon?

[ad_1] Amazon is a multinational electronic commerce corporation, but you probably know it as a great bookstore on the Internet. Selling lots of stuff between books, but most people know Amazon best as a book retailer. is America's largest […]

Finding Yourself After a Divorce

[ad_1] Is your divorce finalized and now that everything is settled you feel empty? Going through a divorce can leave a person traumatized and left feeling empty. It's almost as if someone has died and the dispute process is a […]