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Using Oil Skimmers on a Large Spill

[ad_1] Skimmers are devices that are used to recover spilled oil from the water’s surface. They can be self-propelled, used from the shore, or operated from vessels. There are three types of skimmers and their effectiveness depends a great deal […]

Tunturi Exercise Bike Reviews

[ad_1] Quite simply, Tunturi make some of the best exercise bikes on the market and arguably make the best display consoles of any bike. The company makes different models to suit different fitness and feature-list requirements. The bikes range from […]

Car Theft Solved by Private Investigators

[ad_1] From time to time, a private investigator might be asked to track down a missing car. A car can be stolen from a public place, private residence, or a car rental agency. Types of Car Thefts: During economically challenged […]

Working at Height – How to Develop a Rescue Plan

[ad_1] Rescue plans don’t have to be complex. Employers should implement a rescue plan that includes procedures for: Preventing prolonged suspension Performing rescue and treatment as quickly as possible Identifying suspension trauma signs and symptoms Management responsibility for safety needs […]

Introduction to Nutrient Pollution

[ad_1] Introduction On August 27, 2009 the State-EPA Nutrient Innovations Task Group issued an urgent call to action to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson. The task group studied documented levels of excess nutrients in our nations waterways. Current, and past, efforts […]

The KWP2000 Protocol in Automotive Diagnostic Applications

[ad_1] The KWP2000 protocol has become a de facto standard in automotive diagnostic applications. It is standardized as ISO 14230-3. KWP2000 describes the implementation of various diagnostic services you can accethrough the protocol. You can run KWP2000 on several transport […]

The Importance of Business Analysis

[ad_1] Today, businesses require effective business analysis in order to maintain competitiveness in a highly competitive business world. Effective business analysis involves taking information gathered from a variety of sources and analyzing for the purpose of forecasting future trends, finding […]

The Project Go / No-Go Checklist

[ad_1] The Project Implementation decision Many projects have failed at the last hurdle due to poor implementation planning or inadequate analysis immediately prior to go-live. It is the Project Manager’s responsibility to ensure that the implementation has been planned out […]