Preparing for Your Breast Augmentation Surgery


Many women are opting for breast augmentation surgical treatment to restore the form and original firmness of their breasts and also to improve their self esteem. Whatever may be the reason, women planning to undergo this procedure must take some important facts into consideration.

  • Get your body ready

Getting your body in the best shape possible is one of the most primary requirements when you are planning for breast augmentation surgery. This will help the body in handling the trauma of the surgery and its ensuing recovery with ease. You can physically prepare yourself for the operation by regular dieting and exercising.

  • Learn about the procedure

Learning as much as you can about the procedure is another way of preparing yourself for the breast augmentation surgery. Mentally preparing yourself regarding the expected results prior to and after the surgery is important. This way you will be well-equipped to handle the stress of the surgery in a better way, thereby getting a positive experience out of your surgery procedure.

  • Arrange for somebody to take care of you

Ensure to arrange for somebody who will be willing to take you home after your surgery and look after your needs such as running errands, preparing your meals and giving you medicines. Also make sure that the little ones, if any, are taken care of properly during your recuperating process.

  • Get all medications

All the required drugs post surgery should be kept ready prior to the surgery. This will save you the trouble of running to the pharmacy shop every now and then. Medicines should also include all the vitamins and painkillers as recommended by your doctor.

  • Follow your surgeon's instructions

The surgeon's directions must be strictly followed if you are looking for effective results from your breast augmentation surgery, and a smooth recovery. These include the restrictions on your fluid and food intake after the surgery.

  • Do not smoke

The surgery is a good time and reason to cut down on your smoking or better still to stop it completely. By doing so it will increase the chances of your being fit for the breast augmentation surgery. Continuing with the smoking will pose a threat to your surgery in more than one way. As smoking obstructs the smooth flow of rich oxygen to the blood, it tends to interfere with your recovery process. This may increase the chances of complications organizing post surgery.

  • Plan ahead for recovery

Planning for recovery in advance is one of the most ideal ways for preparing yourself for the breast augmentation. As you are likely to be in pain after the surgery, you will need some resting time, away from your responsibilities and job. Ensure to plan about getting proper recovery time without having to worry about various things. This will help in ensuring faster and stress-free recovery.


Source by Helen White Wright