Resolving "Memory Card Error" in Canon G10

Canon G10, a powerful camera in Canon G-series, fulfills all the demands of photographers. This third-generation camera comprises of 4.7 mega pixel camera, 3.0 inch Pure Color LCD, print/share button, and 5x optical zoom. The images, videos, and audios captured from this camera can be saved in different kinds of storage media, like SD (Secure Digital), SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity), MMC (Multimedia Card), MMC Plus Card, HC MMC Plus Card. These memory cards, though serve as reliable storage media, can get corrupted due to various reasons, including interrupted read/write operation. The digital media storage data becomes inaccessible after it becomes corrupted. In such cases, only a valid backup can help in overcoming the situation. However, in case of backup inaccessibility, the user needs to use a Picture Recovery application.

The above scenario can be explained by the below error message that appears when the card in the Canon G10 camera gets corrupted:

“Memory Card Error”

After the above error message pops up, the multimedia media files saved in the card become inaccessible.


Corruption of memory card most likely occurs due to interrupted read/write operation. This happens when the digital camera shuts down abruptly while performing some read or write operation.

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Format the card in Canon G10 camera. This resolution completely resolves corruption – of any kind – from the memory card. Although a boon in resolving card corruption, the process of formatting also has a major drawback – deletion of previously saved multimedia files from the memory card. In such situations, though most of the users think that the data is permanently erased, the fact is that the data is recoverable using a Digital Photo Recovery Software.

A Photo Recovery utility scans the memory card and recovers all the multimedia files. The recovered files can be saved at user-specified location. The user can also perform recovery of a particular file type from a formatted memory card using this application.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a globally recognized Photo Recovery Software that recovers lost, missing, and formatted files from any memory card. The third-party utility recovers almost all kinds file types, irrespective of their size. Designed for Mac OS X and Windows, the free demo version of the software allows the user to preview the files before saving it at required location.