Ronald Reagan – A Beloved President of the United States


The late United States President Ronald Reagan was considered as one of the best U.S. Presidents but we couldn’t repudiate the fact that he had remarkable contributions and achievements that made him a great U.S. President. So, why was Ronald Reagan a great U.S. leader? Perhaps, we should take a look at some of his credentials to be able to justify that he was indeed a great leader.

Some of his followers, when asked why was Ronald Reagan a great U.S. leader, would recall that during his inaugural address, American hostages in Iran were freed. He was only months away from being elected and yet, he already made Americans proud of such incident.

In the same year, Reagan almost got killed in an attempted assassination. While he was being treated at the George Washington University Hospital, Reagan jokingly said that he hoped all the surgeons treating him were Republicans. Of course, not all of the surgeons there were Republicans but they were willing to forget that just to save their President. This could be one of the answers as to why was Ronald Reagan a great U.S. leader.

If Americans would be asked again the question, Why was Ronald Reagan a great U.S. leader?, there would definitely have a long list of answers. First, policies concerning supply-side economics were implemented, the philosophy on laissez-faire and classical liberal was advocated in order to address concerns on tax cuts, and the policy called peace through strength was also implemented.

Reagan was also the President when a significant decline in federal income tax rates transpired due to the passage of the Economic Recovery Tax Act in 1981. Reagan definitely did his part to improve the country’s economic growth.

During his first term, Reagan indeed had significant contributions. So why was Ronald Reagan a great U.S. leader during his second term? This was the time when astronauts died in 1986 because the Space Shuttle Challenger disintegrated. Despite this tragedy, Reagan reminded Americans that they should not be fainthearted, but instead they should be brave. And so, he was able to encourage Americans and the families of the deceased to move forward.

Other achievements of Reagan during his second term included the declaration of policies concerning drugs, the approval of the Immigration Reform and Control Act, and his nomination of a female Supreme Court Justice.

These were not the only answers to the question Why was Ronald Reagan a great U.S. President. He was also great for living ninety three years on Earth to bring changes and improvement to his country.


Source by Kenny Leones