Someone Supporting Me


I've had dreams in my life. And I've had dreams fall through. Do you know the difference between the two coming down to someone supporting you.

None of us can go it alone, no matter how hard we try or how strong. We all have moments of weakness and doubt when all we can think about is we want to get out.

And during those times when we are weakest and our world is falling apart, it's the support of a friend or someone who understands that pulls us out.

If you think about the tragedies of life and having to restart again and again, it's always the same old sight, and we lose the support of family and friends. The more people who pull away, the fewer hands to reach in and help us get through the day. And a person's world falls apart. We call it tough love and teach classes about how to start.

But the reality is, when someone finally reaches in, that's when you finally see the fresh start begin. A homeless person, a recovering addict, a financial crisis – then someone says – I love you just the way you are – and suddenly there's new hope and a fresh start.

Without loving support we can not do or be anything. To truly live, we all sometimes need a fresh start and a helping hand reaching in gives us the courage for that start.

A few years ago, I got divorced. I was devastated. My whole world fell apart. I felt like I had failed as a woman and a wife. My family had just fallen apart. And my extended family and friends had the attitude of 'so what, just make a fresh start' but for me it seemed the end. I had let down God and myself and could not image starting over again.

It's taken a lot of years to heal, but I finally have that fresh start. Through the loving support of friends, I'm finally becoming able to dream again.

We can not dream or live on our own. We need right support and encouragement. When family and friends can not offer that, you have to look for the people who can. Step by step, little by little, you learn to live – supported – again.

If you need support, you're normal. Do not let anyone tell you that you are weak or foolish for it. Find the support you need and believe!


Source by Julie Martino