Something Good is Happening


If you look back when you were evenger or even since (9-11) something good has happened. Granted, we are still on the defense regarding the "kooks" that want to destroy our society. It does not make any difference whether you are: white, black, red, yellow or green, as long as you are classified as an infidel, you are on someone's list of havoc and destruction.

In my lifetime and I have been on this earth for seventy-four years, I never thought that I would ever see some of the things that are happening now. I know that by reading history, man has always killed his neighbor and taken his possessions. The retribution has changed over the years, but the fact still remains. There will always be differences of opinions no matter what.

I remember my Dad and his brother arguing for over fifteen years about the unions in Detroit. Was it important to me? No, I just got tired of my Dad telling us kids what a "dumb person" my uncle was. My cousins ​​thought we were kind of backward because of what they heard from their father in their home. So, basically we have all encountered disagreements through our lifetime.

Now, when we look back in history and put things into perspective, we see that it is either human nature or survival that makes us all want to protect our families and ourselves. Now we have a new chapter in the history of the world and in our country. We are in the middle of one of the most severe economic downturns that a lot of people can not cope with.

I fully understand the problems associated with not being able to feed your family nor pay your bills. Anyone that has experienced the great depression can empathize with today's situation. Bread lines and gas coupons were the norm during the early days of the Second World War.

We have heard so many people comment on why today's children are spoiled and on and on. But, that is reality. When kids do not have a parental discipline or control in the home and are left to fend for themselves, well peer pressure become the parenting model.

Enough preaching. Let's get into the "meat and potatoes" of this article. Whether you are a republican or democrat, so many of our society continue to blame someone for something. Whatever it is the religious fanaticism, greedy politicians, power hungry warlords, dope dealing barons or control freaks such as those that believe in the new world order, we are going to have problems.

In today's real world, with individuals losing their homes, not being able to feed their families and having vehicles repossessed it is extremely difficult to find a silver lining. So many folks were actually distraught when Barack Obama became our president. Our media is also guilty for the crap that they publicize. I know, news is news. But, do you ever remember reading a story about something nice happening to anyone and telling the story about someone doing a nice thing. That will not happen because it does not sell advertising or newspapers. But, I have found a silver lining in the clouds of darkness.

Whether it comes from the "Good Lord" or not, you be the judge. But, during the Second World War, we did not have any high incidence of juvenile crime or lack of respect towards the elders. We would get our face slapped if we sassed our parents or were disrespectful to our elders. But, moving along, right after the war, we became a two income household. Kids were left to have spare time on their own.

I do not know when, but I believe that was the start of the breakup of the family unit. All of the social ills that were coming into full bloom were a result of parental discipline. Now, here we are today. Mom has lost her job. Even, Dad might have lost his job. But, what do we see now? Go to the halls, churches and theaters or anyplace where people gather. More and more folks have their children with them.

Less money, no gas, no second car, more time at home. Hmm. Maybe that is the silver lining that I am envisioning. Maybe, just maybe, today's youngsters will tell their children about the financial difficulties of their early years. I look around and maybe I am imagining things. But, I do not think I see as many young thugs with their clothes down to their ankles. In my church, I see more teens sitting with their parents.

Is it my imagination? Or am I seeing a rebuilding of our family unit as a result of this financial setback. I know it was not intended to be, but I believe it is happening. I hear so many youngsters today saying "I can not go out because I do not have any money" or "Wow, is Joey lucky, he still has his job washing dishes at the local greasy spoon."

Yes, there is always sunshine after every storm. Our financial recovery will happen indeed. Not as fast as the "greedy creeps" on Wall St or the "power hungry" politicos in Washington. Just think about this for a minute. Immediately after (9-11) everyone prayed. Anytime anyone is in a traumatic situation, most Americans get together and pray. Who do they pray to? Not important. What is important is that whenever we are faced with difficulty we always seem to search for a message from above.

Well, I believe we have the message and it's time to heal our social wounds, realize the sickness of greed and corruption and perplex in ten years this will all be history and your kids and my will be raising our future generations with a better feeling about Themselves and their future on this planet.


Source by Regis Sauger