The Need for Permanent Deletion of Files


The need for deleting files and important documents was apparent in the pre-computer age, when majority of the data was stored in paper documents and files. Get rid of these files using a paper shredder was of high importance in a company, due to the very fact that a mole from competitor’s end, could get hold of these documents and leak the important data outside. With the coming of computers, not only was safety of a company’s data important, but ensuring that a user’s personal data was not misused gained importance. This became even more difficult due to the presence of data recovery software. Below, we discuss the need for a file eraser software, both commercially and for individual use.

As far as an individual is concerned, protecting his data from misuse is of top priority. A user’s hard drive might contain essential data like, usernames and passwords, date of birth, personal photos etc. Hence, a person who gets access to this data after the PC has been sold or disposed, can misuse the data for accessing the person’s bank account, or making use of the data in any other manner.

However, when it comes to a company, a file eraser tool is of even more importance, since the data regarding various important transactions, deals and other critical data are at stake. A person getting hold of this data can affect the business of the company in a great manner.

Hence, both individuals and companies prefer to go for file eraser software of top quality. They ensure that the utility meets their standards and expectations. This way both parties ensure high data security.


Source by Susan George