What You Need to Know About Data Entry


A simple online search for the term "data entry jobs" will bring up a lot of responses. This is for many reasons, but mostly because a lot of different companies and businesses need people to do this work for them. It's not the best or the most glamorous job around, but it is a job that will treat you well if you stick with it. Here are a few more things you need to know about data entry jobs:

1 – It pays on a scale

Like any job there are differences in the pay. A teenager working at McDonald's will earn different money than a full time waiter at the Olive Garden, and a work from home clerk will earn different money than an administration assistant who also enters data for the company. The earnings are different for every job and all over the world but you can expect to earn around $ 5 an hour for work done online and $ 10 an hour for work done in an office. Unless you are outsourcing the data entry jobs you will not get rich in this sector.

2 – You do not need to be a computer wiz

The great thing about this field is that anyone can do it. If you can type you can enter data, and you can find some great data entry jobs to suit your computer abilities. Different jobs call for different skills, but for many of them you will only be copying text from the original source into the different source. Many employers offer on the job training in the different programs used, but most of them just use a text editor program like Microsoft Works or Pages or Mac and a spread sheet program like Microsoft Excel or Numbers for Mac.

3 – You can work from anywhere

For most of this type of work you can do the work wherever you are because it is received and sent back online over e-mails. Communication is done via e-mail or instant message chat so you can understand the parameters of the work but most often you'll be sending the e-mail with the day's work and the deadline. Work from home or the cafe near the beach; It's up to you.

These are the most important facts about data entry jobs and you can see why they are such a popular way for people all over the world to make a living.


Source by John M Arthur