Who's on Your Side?


There are a Gazillion books on how to think positive thoughts and how to be successful. There are a lot of men and women who are making fortunes "teaching" us how to be happy and how to think positive thoughts. There are too many people giving us the "inside" scoop on how they became rich and successful and, OH BOY !, how we could do it too. The problem with the majority of what is being written and spoken about leaves the most critical key to a successful life's journey … It's the answer to the question, who's on your side?

The truth, in my opinion, is that yes, there are some basic rules you need to follow to have a successful business career or build a wonderful fantastic life but the one thing, and the main thing, you need to have is a success support Group that is there for you. They should be a mixture of people who are Nurturing, smarter than you, more successful than you and they should all believe that dreams can come true if you all help each other.

Most of the books and sermons emphasize "YOU" and what you have to do to move onward and upward. What they do not mention is the fact the most important success ingredient is what got your back and "Who's on your side". You're not the Lone Ranger and that mentality will help you get absolutely nowhere and ever slam into that proverbial wall.

From my experience the people you know and who know you is more important than any experience or Knowledge you may have. What one is lacking in hits needed for success can be rented (accountants, life coach, lawyers, and employees) or found in a success support network. Your own personal success support community.

What you need to do is once you have some powerful goals and before you begin to do anything you must look around you and see who you have on your side and how they can help move you to the next level and complete your personality and abilities.


This is the most important question you will ever have to ask in your whole life. It's the question and it's the answers that will put you on the road to success in anything you want to achieve. If you want to bring someone with you on your journey to success and you think they can help you … STOP – LOOK – THINK. Look into their eyes and think silently "Whose side are you on?" Concentrate. You will be amazed at the answers you'll get.


Use this question every day of your life. Ask your important People just for the hell of it. If they are truly with you they will "Get It" and be happy to answer you. Ask it out loud when you need to make heavy people decisions. Listen carefully and you'll be able to build a very strong success support network. If someone is offended by the question then they're not for you and they're "Not on your side"

Make this question and its answers a priority when building your success support community. It will make the difference between whether you succeed or fail. I've lived this. This question will protect you if you're honest and accept the reality it exposures. I sincerely wish you the best of luck. Keep on Moving forward.


Source by Barry Sarner