Fighting Level 4 Melanoma

Malignant Melanoma has a way of making you look at life a little differently, if you were diagnosed with level 4 Melanoma in April of this year, but may want to plan for the future, but just how much future do you have? You have until October, at best December, for survival, that is what you would hear from your Oncologist.

Everyone within your close circle of friends will express their shock and sympathy. You even hear from people you have not seen for years, and of course the people you see on a regular basis through activities with your children or clubs etc. all send their best and wish you a “speedy recovery” and you hear the classic line “if you need anything just let me know”.

A Speedy Recovery?

It is amazing how people can be so ignorant, there are very few choices for fighting level 4 Melanoma, and most people do not respond to the current treatment that is available. Many people have tried Interleukin-2 (IL-2) myself included, it will only work in 1 out of 4 patients, and 6% to 11% will survive and go on to live up to five years longer, according to a recent article posted on WebMD. The article was talking about another promising drug called Ipilimumab, they have been able to give people an extra 4 months of life. It may not sound like much to you but to those in that situation, it is a lifetime. So before wishing a person with metastatic melanoma or any other serious illness a speedy recovery please read up on it first, you will save yourself some embarrassment.

I Am Not Going To Let You Know …

Anyone fighting level 4 Melanoma is not going to call you and ask you to do things for them. This has just become a standard phrase for people to help themselves feel as if they are doing something nice for someone. If you really want to help and do something, call and ask if there is anything they need, maybe the grass needs to be cut, a meal can be cooked or even just putting the trash to the curve can be a big help. You will be doing something that will make you and your friend feel a little better.