How Do You Recover Deleted Files?

Exactly how do you recover deleted files when you delete something by mistake? Many people face this situation at least once when dealing with something crucible deleted in error. You may have thought you were moving a file and then you deleted it by mistake. Now you really need to know how to get the file back.

Do not panic. Sometimes finding these files is pretty straight forward. How do you recover deleted files that still exist on your hard drive? The fact is that all of your files, even when deleted, still exist somewhere in your hard drive, you just need to locate them. They will go to a file folder first before they are moved over to be covered up or overwritten in the usable hard drive space.

This file folder is referred to as the trash can or recycle bin, depending upon your operating system. You should never have this folder set to empty out when you shut your computer down. Why? If you have it set to empty upon shutdown then the file is gone for good after that event. You should set this folder to retain all documents until you elect to empty it.

If the files are in the trash can, how do you recover deleted files from there? All you will need to do is open that particular folder, look for the file, and once you locate it, it is simple to recover it after that. Click on that file, and highlight it. All you do next is right click the file and select restore, then the file will be returned to its original location.

Sometimes we misplace things, without deleting them. The way that you can locate the data then is to open up the program you used to create the document. Act as though you were creating a new document. When you close that document, select "save as" and see where the document will go. The other document you misplaced should be in that folder too.

When these choices do not work, you will probably need to look at using a data software recovery program in order to find and recover those files.