Menu – This New Technology can generate your realistic 3D Avatar from a single selfie

The fast growing Virtual Reality technologyhas created a market for realistic 3D avatars that can allow users to represent themselvesonline.

Right now few companies are providing thatoption of creating 3D avatars.

But they need too many cameras and requireexpert level post-production skills.

Now a San Francisco based startup named “Loom.

Ai”enables a new era of virtual communication by automatically converting selfies into expressive3D avatars.

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The core technology leverages Loom.

Ai’sdeep expertise in computer vision and machine learning combined with VFX magic to createlife-like human face visualizations.

The animatable and expressive faces can beused to power applications in VR, gaming, messaging, e-commerce and virtual classroomsfor individuals and businesses around the world.

Right now the demo of Loom.

Ai is not availablefor everyone.

We need to register for requesting a demoduring their next round of alpha testing.

Source: Youtube