Very Simple To Use Backups

Every computer owner should do backups regularly. And now backups are becoming very easy to do and even free.

Now you can install software on your computer that will send your files to a server using the Internet. As a result, you will have a backup stored on a remote location. This is called Online Backups.

A good and free option for online backup is Idrive-E. You can download it from our Resources page. This company is offering free online backups limited to 2GB of storage, which I think is very good. All you need is to open an account with them. Once you install and setup this software, it will securely send your files to their servers regularly. There is nothing else to do because backups are done automatically.

But online backups can be slow depending on how many files you want to backup. This is because the files are transferred using the Internet. You should have a high speed internet connection to use online backups conveniently. I recommend scheduling the backup at nighttime and setting up your computer to turn off automatically after the backup process is finished. The software can take care of this automatically.

Online backups are good for small amounts of data. If you would like to backup larger volumes, using One-Touch External Hard Drive is a good option.

As the name says, you just press one button and your files are backed up. But you need to setup your backup software first in order to do this. And if you schedule your backups then you do not even have to worry about pressing the button.

You should consider implementing a backup system if you do not have one. If your hard drive gets damaged someday, recovering the information can be very expensive and sometimes impossible. Data recovery services are between 500 to thousands of dollars.