What is Data Recovery?

Data Loss can happen to anybody, even if you take really good care of your storage device.

from something as simple as accidentally deleting a file, virus infecting your device, power loss corrupting your file, to something as serious as your device’s read and write head scratching the disk that stores your data.

Fortunately, today’s technology offers solutions to most of these problems.

If you just accidentally deleted your files, there are numerous data recovery software that you can find online.


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If your device suddenly stops working and you’re not sure why, there’s a possibility that there’s physical damage to your drive.

Plugging in your drive and trying to make it work will only do more harm.

You see, situations like these cause failure of the parts inside your drive which can scratch your platter.

The platter is where all your data is stored so you have to be careful not to scratch it or get any particles on it! Once that’s damaged, it will be very hard to get any data off of it.

The same goes if your device gets wet, or you drop it causing internal physical damage, it is best to take it to data recovery experts, ones that can do open-drive recovery.

Otherwise, you risk losing more data or losing your data permanently.

This means a data recovery engineer will carefully open your drive in a clean room, an area free from dust or particles that can cause further damage to your device.

Here, the engineer can diagnose what caused the problem and can recommend further action.

Maybe some parts of your device will need to be replaced using parts from a donor drive — very much like organ transplant.

Or maybe a special machine will need to be used to get the data directly from your disk.

Remember, though, that not all data can be recovered.

That depends on how much damage your device has, and it’s always best never to use a repaired storage device that suffered hardware damage, because the problem will probably happen again.

So once your data is recovered, use a different device, called a destination drive, to save your files.

Always take good care of your storage devices, but don’t despair if something bad happens to it.

With our current technology, there’s something that can be done to recover data… there is still hope.

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